General Questions

Cinderella, Great Lengths & Easilocks Hair Extensions can last for a number of months. The average person loses between 80-100 strands of hair every day, so due to this natural hair loss you should have them removed by a qualified Hair Extensionist after three to four months. Cinderella & Great Lengths Hair Extensions are easy and painless to remove; the special bond remover fluid breaks the bonds down into a powder so they slide out effortlessly. Easilocks use a completely different system for attaching hair. Because of this system, they can be removed and re applied using the same hair for another 2-3 occasions.

Neither Cinderella or Great Lengths Hair Extensions will damage your hair; their bonds are made of a protein that surrounds the hair in organic material that is healthy for the hair and not as harmful as glues are. I am fully trained and qualified in the Cinderella and Great Lengths Hair systems, so will be able to apply your hair professionally and provide you with all of the maintenance and up-keep information needed. For those clients wishing to have no heat applied to their hair at all, Easilocks offers the best solution. Using small copper locks, clamped into place, clients often feel more comfortable if they have concerns about damaging their own hair.

To be able to wear hair extensions your natural hair must be longer than 3" in length and in good condition. Hair extensions should not be applied to someone who has brittle, or over processed hair. There are also certain types of medical factors for why people cannot wear hair extensions, this is covered in full on the FREE consultation you will receive.

Cinderella & Great Lengths Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy, human hair. This means that the cuticles run the same way, preventing tangling and matting. It does not have a silicone coat that disappears after only a few washes. The hair is made from the best quality human hair, and provided that you use the specified maintenance products, which work in harmony with the hair extensions the quality will last throughout the duration of your wear. I will be able to provide you with maintenance information to ensure that you can look after your new hair at home. Easilocks use the highest quality of Brazilian, Remy, human hair. Each strand is 0.9g in weight which offers fantastic thickness and volume. If aftercare guidelines are followed. Easilocks hair will be in good enough condition to remove and reapply a number of times.

Each price is tailored to an individual’s needs. This allows me to keep my prices to an absolute minimum and not charge you for hair you haven’t used or needed.
Below is a guide to typical prices:
Cinderella full head is around £295 - £425 and a part head is around £190 - £295.
Great Lengths full head is around £395 - £525 and a part head is around £230-£395.
Easilocks full head is around £500 - £800 and a part head is £350-£500.
Removal and refitting of the same hair starts from £175.

Normally it will take 3-5 hours to create your new style, depending on the amount of bonds being fitted. Where required, your hair will be washed using a preparation shampoo to ensure maximum bonding strength, before application starts.