Cinderella Hair Extensions

Cinderella Hair uses only the finest quality human hair. It is the perfect match for your own hair. Unlike other, cheaper brands of extensions, it does not have a silicone coat that disappears after only a few washes.

Human Hair

Women love the luxury and allure of long flowing locks, yet many do not have the length, volume or patience to grow their hair. With the help of hair extensions, this dream can in fact become reality. After all, why shouldn’t clients have the dazzling length and volume they’ve always wanted? Demonstrating the effectiveness of hair extensions, the dynamic design team at Cinderella Hair offers an exciting new collection to tempt your lengthy desires.

With a wide variety of colours, textures and styles available, the hair is flexible and gives a natural looking extension. Because it is 100% human hair it can be manipulated with heat and products just as your normal hair would. It comes in bundles of 25 strands with the special bonding agent already on the tip. Cinderella Hair extensions can last up to 3-4 months and are easy to take out with the specially formulated bond remover.

Permed Hair

Cinderella Hair has now introduced permed hair extensions that come in lengths of 20 inches. Cinderella Hair is probably the only hair extensions company in the UK that can deliver permed hair extensions straight to your stylist by next day delivery with a choice of 29 different colours.

Cuticle Correct

Each bundle of Cinderella Hair extensions comes with a Remy grade approved certificate; this proves that the extensions are cuticle correct, which is the softest and silkiest pre-bonded hair.

Cuticle correct means that the roots of the hair lie at the top of the extension – in other words, laying the same way as the client’s own hair. This prevents the cuticle from fraying, tangling and split ends appearing, leaving the client with natural looking extensions.

Protein Moulded Bonds

Why is the Cinderella Hair Extension System different from others?

  • We use PMB, which is exclusive to Cinderella Hair.
  • We do not use glue sticks on our extensions. We only use protein-moulded bonds.
  • What is PMB? Our PMB is a protein-moulded bond. It is the PMB that is attached to your client’s hair.
  • Seeing that the bond is made from protein (which is organic), it surrounds the client’s hair in organic materials that are healthy for the hair and not harmful as some glues are.
  • Our PMB is easy to apply, and easy to remove using our special Cinderella Hair remover.

What Makes Cinderella Hair Different?

  • We use the finest quality and softest pre-bonded Remy human hair, as well as synthetic hair.
  • Our extensions come in 44 different colours so you are sure to get a perfect match for your client’s hair.
  • Our pre-bonded hair extensions have a protein-moulded bond (PMB). The advantages of the PMB is that after washing, the bonds do not go soggy or soft, and they stay in their original form up until the time they are ready to be removed.
  • The bond will not burn or stick to your fingers when you apply the extensions. Our extensions attach to human hair with unparalleled strength
  • The bonds will not harm your hair, they melt at a low temperature to protect fine and course hair alike.
  • The extensions are flexible and blend with your own hair to create a natural overall finish.
  • The extensions can be removed easily from clients hair using Cinderella’s specially formulated bond remover and removal instrument
  • All of Cinderella Hair’s products are specially formulated to work in harmony with our extensions, leaving you with the best quality hair extensions and strong bonds that will last.